In the 21st century, the most successful investments took heroic thinking and timing.


The world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles.


The world’s most popular media owner creates no content.


The most valuable retailer has no inventory.


The world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate.

AI & Machine Learning

Not a living breathing body but can perform the tasks of thousands of humans in a second.

3D Investment Portfolio

3D ShoesLeading 3D Shoes News Platform
AI NewsLeading AI News Platform
DeeLanceDecentralized Freelance Marketplace
DeSo (Decentralized Social)Decentralized Social Layer-1 Blockchain
EcoTerraERC-20 Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) Platform
Excelsa Coffee CompanyExcelsa Coffee Industry Global Network
OpenFundDEX Onchain Order Book Exchange
PulseXLayer-1 Eth Uniswap Fork
QredoDistributed Multi-Party Computation Tech

3D Fund takes a holistic view of opportunities across multiple sectors.

Michael Mazzotta, Managing Director

Olin Patterson, Managing Director


San Diego, CA